Strategic Planning Services

Long Range Planning is a strategic process, one that requires vision and perspective. Sometimes the Board and staff of an organization are simply too close to see things in an objective light, and that is where Magellan can help.

By acting as a facilitator/moderator, we can help you step back and see your organization as it really is.

Strategic planning, properly done, should consist of six main steps:

  1. Taking stock of where the organization stands today
  2. Developing goals for the next 3-5 years (or longer)
  3. Distilling both the current situation and long-term goals into an action plan
  4. Implementing that plan
  5. Measuring progress toward the goals
  6. Revising/adding to the plan

Magellan has the expertise to assist with virtually any phase of your strategic planning process -- as we have already done for other clients.

"We're looking for someone with a fresh perspective and experience with membership-based organizations to help us plan for the next decade."