Exhibition Management

Exhibitions are especially complex to manage, but the staff at Magellan is trained to handle virtually all types of shows, from small booth programs that are part of a larger convention, to regional shows with 100 or so booths, to major exhibitions with 250,000 square feet of exhibits.

We can take care of all the details, including booth sales, contracting with an exhibit hall, contracting with vendors (such as decorators, caterers, transportation & warehousing, security, etc.), on-site management, financial management, and everthing else.

We make it a point to keep expenses under control, too, so that the event is at or under budget whenever possible. If the show is designed to be a profit center for your organization, we can show you how to maximize the show's income while minimizing expenses.

An important note: Magellan never accepts rebates or any other incentives from a hotel, conference center or vendor for a client's business! Any incentives offered are applied directly to the client's bottom line. See our "Guarantee of Integrity" for more information.

"A trade show is such a big event, we aren't even sure where to start."