Outsourced (a la carte) Services

Magellan provides selected services -- to associations, corporations, and other organizations -- in four main areas:

Exposition and Conference Management

Does your meeting or trade show take up too much of your time? Are you afraid that there are details you might miss? Frustrated with trying to negotiate with hotels? Magellan can help. Click here to learn more.


Do you need talented writers, editors and graphic artists? Are you having trouble understanding what the printer wants? Do you hate selling ads for your publication? Magellan's got just what you need. Click here to learn more.

Strategic Planning

There's nothing like a fresh perspective to help you see what needs to be done. Magellan is the best in the business. Click here to learn more.

Tours and Events (Destination Management)

Bringing your group to Florida? Need somebody who knows the area? Let Magellan tailor the tours, parties, and tournaments to your attendees. Click here to learn more.

"I don't need full-service management, but I sure could use some help with..."