Member Retention

Bringing in new members is all well and good, but not if an association can't keep the ones it already has. Again, sometimes the factors are out of the association's control. We find that members drop out for one of several main reasons: economic reasons (money is tight), mergers & acquisitions, management decisions, change of personal or corporate situations, and dissatisfaction with the association.

While we can't do much about the first four of those, it's that last reason -- dissatisfaction -- that we can help you overcome. We do this by providing excellent customer service each and every day. And we will work closely with your Board and Officers to respond to complaints and incorporate members' suggestions. Finally, we recommend that you survey your members to find out how the association is doing, and we can also help you with that (using our extensive survey experience).

"Every year, too many of our members drop out. Is there any way to keep more of them from year to year?"