Friday, June 18, 2021
How do AMCs allocate time between clients?

Association Management Companies must split their staff time between several clients, and this is a concern to some associations looking for management. In truth, there are some AMCs that have not done a good job of equitable sharing of time.

For the best AMCs, however, time-sharing is rarely an issue, because they do their homework up front. Before they ever take on an association client, they make an informed estimate of the resources in time, equipment, and personnel necessary to meet the association's needs. They then price their services so that they can afford to manage that client properly. (Be wary of AMCs that give you a quote that's too good to believe — it usually means they haven't done a good job of estimating the time it will take to manage your organization.)

There will occasionally be two projects or meetings that overlap, but the best AMCs carry enough qualified personnel to accomplish both.


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