Association and Foundation Management

Magellan makes "a world of difference" with associations, foundations, societies, and corporations by providing professional full-service management as well as selected (a la carte) services.

The Magellan mission statement reads:

"Our mission is to use all ethical and legal means available to help our clients meet their goals and, in that process, make sufficient profit to fund the well-being, growth and development of our firm and the people employed by it."

We like to work very closely with our clients. In fact, we make an effort to "join the family" of each client, getting to know them inside and out so that we can serve them better.

That means we won't just "manage from the outside." Rather, we'll get inside and make your successes, problems, and concerns our own.

At Magellan, we realize that your future and ours are intertwined. We succeed only so long as you do, and that's a powerful motivator!

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"If we are going to hire a company to manage our organization and/or projects, we want to know everything there is to know about them."